Our Training Programs

We offer a full curriculum of training programs.

Private Pilot License Program

Earn your PPL in as little as 3 weeks with our Accelerated Pilot Program. With our self-examining authority there is no wait for an FAA Examiner.

Private to Commercial Inclusive Program

For pilots interested in pursuing a career as a professional airline pilot, our all-inclusive programs will take you from your PPL to your Commercial Pilot License. Multi-engine add-on available.

Instrument Rating Program

Increase your pilot skills with the addition of an instrument rating to your private pilot license.

Multi-Engine Rating Program

Go from flying single engine aircraft to multi-engine aircraft. Our program will teach you the differences in their aerodynamic operation.

"Finish Up" Training Program

Whether you are resuming pilot training from where you left off or wish to transfer from another flight school, we will customize a program to fit your needs and schedule.


Flight Instructor Ratings

Interested in becoming a flight instructor? We offer an in-depth 3 week program, which will thoroughly prepare you to become a successful, professional flight instructor (CFI). All qualified graduates have the opportunity to work for International Aero Academy. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Certified Flight Instructor.