Finish-up Pilot Training

Do Not Lose The Money You‘ve Already Invested In Training

Did you begin a flight course, and were not able to complete it?​

Regardless of what kept you from earning your pilot license, International Aero Academy will work with you to achieve your goal of obtaining a pilot license or an advanced rating. ​

We will work with you and, based on your particular needs, create a “finish up” program to help you achieve what you have wanted: a license to fly. Our Accelerated Pilot Program will move you through your remaining requirements in a minimum amount of time at minimal expense.

The wonderful aspect of our "Finish Up" Pilot Training program means we can credit your earlier training towards the completion of your specific license requirements.

When creating your customized training program, we consider all previous documented training, future pilot goals, and your personal schedule. At International Aero Academy, we design an efficient training program that matches your personal schedule to the experience you have already gained. This will maximize your previous investment in pilot training, capitalizing upon money previously spent on your pilot license. Contact us or call us at 863-401-3592 and discover how we can help you finally earn your pilot license and achieve your goals.


Evaluation Flights​

If you feel you are ready for your check ride or you would like professional input before going for your check ride, we can arrange for an evaluation flight.

All of our evaluation flights are based upon the specific certificate or rating you are in the process of earning, and we compare your skills to the Practical Testing Standards or Airmen Certification Standards. Upon completing your evaluation flight, we can offer the best course to pursue the completion of your flight training.

If you would like additional information about International Aero Academy’s evaluation flights, you can contact us or give us a call at 863-401-3592.