Instrument Rating

Our Instrument Rating Program can be competed on an accelerated basis utilizing our aircraft and FAA approved simulator.  In addition, there is no wait for FAA Designated Examiners as we have self-examining authority.​

The Instrument Rating Training package includes up to 40 hours of flight time including 16 hours in our simulator. Based on individual student needs, should additional flight time be necessary, it will be billed on an hourly basis for the aircraft and instructor to complete the training program.​

If you enroll with your knowledge test passed, your training will progress on an accelerated pace.

Our state-of-the-art simulator allows for  more immersive and efficient training.

If you need to take the knowledge test, it can be taken on-site at International Aero Academy.

Instrument applicants enrolled in our FAA 141 approved course do not need the 50 hours of cross country time PIC. Thus they may begin their instrument rating immediately upon attaining their private pilot license.

As with all ratings, certificates and training today, all students will need either proof of US citizenship or an M-1 Visa. For proof of US citizenship, a birth certificate will be necessary, not a drivers license. International students in need of more information regarding M-1 Visas will find it here.

Instrument Rating

All packages include CFII, up to 40 hours of flight time, FAA flight tests and study materials.

COURSE FEATURES Cessna 150/152 Tecnam P2008 Cessna 172SP