Multi-Engine Rating

At International Aero Academy, our Multi-Engine Rating program will train to prepare you to operate multi-engine aircraft. In our in-depth course, our students learn the aerodynamic differences between a single engine and multi-engine aircraft and train to exceed FAA standards.

Immersive learning takes place in one of our multi-engine aircraft, which creates a more precise education in the differences between single and multi-engine operation, such as what the critical engine is and discovering the effect on drag that two engines create. Such an in-depth, precise approach prepares our students for their multi-engine rating test, which is different from other ratings tests.


Multi-Engine Rating Programs

Multi-Engine Rental

$383/hr wet duel only

Private VFR Multi-Engine

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Private IFR Multi-Engine

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Commercial IFR Multi-Engine Add-On

(Current IFR necessary)
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​​​Commercial IFR Multi-Engine Initial

(Current IFR necessary)
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When ready, students undergo a 100% oral test with no written test components. This is why International Aero Academy takes such an in-depth and hands-on approach to teach our students the operation of multi-engine aircraft.

We provide all necessary study materials and documentation on multi-engine systems.

If you are interested in obtaining your multi-engine rating but do not have access to a multi-engine aircraft, we can arrange access to a multi-engine aircraft. If you do have your own multi-engine aircraft, we are able to train you in your own aircraft. If you need to arrange access to a multi-engine aircraft or need additional information on training with your own, please contact us or call us at 863-401-3592.