Private Pilot License

While NOT a required training regimen, International Aero Academy offers and highly recommends an Accelerated Flight Program for Private Pilots.

Our accelerated flight program is a demanding two week immersion flight training course which will prepare you to pass the same checkride that everyone else takes, but in a fraction of the time period. You will spend 14 days doing nothing but flying and studying.

Our students are assigned a flight instructor who will work with them EXCLUSIVELY during their time here. You will fly 3 or 4 times per day, take breaks to study in between, discuss your progress, and work on the oral portion of your check ride.

COURSE FEATURES Cessna 150/152 Tecnam P2008 Cessna 172SP
Flight Time47 Hours47 Hours
Multi Engine Hours010
IncludesFlight instructor, FAA written tests, FAA flight tests and study materialsFlight instructor, FAA written tests, FAA flight tests and study materials

We ship the study material for the PPL when we receive a deposit of $1,000, $500 of which is non-refundable, and then we reserve the plane and instructor for your dates. Most students require 3 to 4 weeks with the study materials to be prepared to pass the written exam upon arrival. If the student has not studied and is not prepared to pass the written exam upon arrival, it may add an additional week and up to $1000 to the cost of the student’s package if you require ground school lessons for the written test.

If you are an international student, you will need an I-20 for an M-1 Visa and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approval to train. International Aero Academy can assist you with the paperwork and process for and additional $500. For more information on visas, please click here.

In order to enroll in our 2-week Accelerated Flight Program and start on arrival, the student must be prepared to pass the written exam within 2 days of arrival at International Aero Academy or have already passed the exam prior to arrival.

Due to time constraints, we do not expect you to solo until the second week. By the second week of training you will have accomplished night training and some instrument training, and generally, have a familiarity for the aircraft. The second week itself will be spent soloing, covering checkride maneuvers, review, and building the required time for the checkride.

Your personal skills and the weather are somewhat beyond our control, We allow plenty of flight time in order for our students to finish the course within the allotted time (up to 47 hours of flight time). That is included in the price of your flight training package.

Though most of our students are able to complete the training in 14-16 days, on occasion we have a student who takes longer. Up to 47 hours of flight time is included in the course. It is rare that one of our students exceeds that time, however, if a student does need additional time (over the 47 hours) that time will be billed at an hourly rate.

International Aero Academy reserves the right to discontinue a student’s participation in the Accelerated Flight Program, due to student’s lack of motivation; inability to cooperate with their flight instructor’s instructions/study requirements; or conduct themselves in manner not conducive to completing the course.

Should you find it necessary to leave during the 2 week training, all training up to that point (flight and ground), will convert to hourly pricing. All training, upon your return, will be charged at hourly pricing.

International Aero Academy hires and retains top Certified Flight Instructors, so you will be trained by the best. We feel our students deserve the very best flight training available. It is one of the reasons we have the highest retention rate in the aviation industry. Our students finish their courses and become pilots.

For more information on PPL training, please contact us here.

Private Pilot Program Packages

All package prices include up to 47 hours of flight time, an exclusive flight instructor, FAA written tests,FAA flight tests and study materials.