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The Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Program

Step 1 - NOW - Enroll at International Aero Academy (Lakeland, FL)

Enroll in our professional pilot program, which includes: Private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial single and multiengine ratings, and the flight instructor rating. Our program is FAA approved and takes you to flight instructor in as little as 12 months.

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Step 2 – Work for us.

Work as a full-time flight instructor for us. Our instructors start at $28 per hour and we offer full health, dental and 401K benefits.

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Step 3 – At 500 hours total flight time - Apply to the Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Program

At 500 hours of flying time, eligible candidates can apply for the Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway program. If qualified, applicants are eligible to interview with Spirit. Selected candidates join the Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway program where they will be offered training opportunities and engagement with the Spirit Flight Operations team.

Successful candidates will be given a Conditional Offer of Employment (COE) contingent upon completing their hours with us and meeting program requirements set by Spirit.

Step 4 – Fly as an airline pilot for our charter airline

Eligible Spirit Wings candidates may be eligible to fly as first officers in our sister company’s fleet of on-demand charter aircraft after reaching 1,000 flight hours. Successful candidates will complete ground school, flight training and their checkride then work for us as air carrier pilots, gaining valuable experience while they build their hours.

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Step 5 - 1,500 hours - Fly as a First Officer for Spirit

Upon successfully reaching 1,500 hours and meeting all training requirements, you will be hired by Spirit as a First Officer! You will be offered a training class within 60 days of meeting all prerequisites.

Call us at 863-401-3592 or email us at: Admissions@iaeroltd.com