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Learn to fly with us and get your private pilots license in two weeks!

Our Accelerated Private Pilot license or certificate, as its actually called, is only possible with dedication and hard work. We have on-site dormitory housing available, adjacent to our flight offices, allowing our students to be fully immersed in their flight training. The Accelerated Program is our most intensive curriculum and requires a maximum amount of day to day time per student. Having students on site in the dorms, and making use of our study facilities, greatly increases their efficiency and speed in completing the Accelerated Course.

We welcome students with United States citizenship to inquire about flight training here.

International Students

This School Is Authorized Under United States Federal Law To Enroll

Non-Immigrant Alien Students For M1 Student Visas

International Aero Academy is authorized under federal law to enroll international students for flight training at our school. We invite students with citizenship in countries other than the United States to learn about visas and enrolling at International Aero Academy here.