Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP)

The United States Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that, as a prerequisite to flight training, all non-United States citizens must provide fingerprints, biographical information, including full name, passport and visa information, and training specifics prior to beginning flight training.

Training for international alien students may only begin following approval of your application, completion of fingerprinting and processing, and payment of a $130 application fee.

Students enrolling in flight training programs with International Aero Academy will be applying for Category 3 (rating or certification) or Category 4 (recurrent) flight training and can expect a minimum of 3 days to complete the TSA approval process. Below, we have provided some helpful instructions to complete the application process:

1. Visit the TSA website at

2. Complete the Foreign Student Application. (9-10 pages).

– School Name: International Aero Academy.

– Course Name: Choose your course (i.e. Private Pilot).

– Course ID Number:

– Private Pilot (PPL101)

– Instrument Rating (IFR101)

– Multi-Engine Rating Add-On (MEL101)

– Type of Aircraft: C150, C172, PA28, PA34

– Estimated Start Date: Enter a start date and end date that approximates when you want to begin the training and are likely to complete training. This can be an estimate; however you will not be able to begin before the commencement date. The TSA will automatically allow you to attend training for up to one full year in any course but not for longer).

– Category: 3 initial

– Student ID: Not Required

3. Once you have completed and submitted this application, the TSA will request that International Aero Academy validates you as a potential student. We will do so for individuals who have enrolled in one of our flight courses.

4. The TSA will then send you instructions for the fingerprinting process. We will complete the fingerprinting process at our academy. The government fee for fingerprinting is $130.

5. Once the TSA has acknowledged receipt of the required documentation and fee, International Aero Academy will be sent via e-mail a final document approving you to begin flight training.

While this may appear to be a highly involved, multi-step process, it is easily performed. We are more than happy to help you in any way possible. Please contact us by phone at 1-863-401-3592 or by email with any questions you have.

For more information regarding student visas, please click here.

You may also contact the AFSP Help Desk by phone at 1-703-542-1222 or by email at They are very helpful and respond quickly to questions.

Alien Flight Student Program